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  • We'll tell you how to become an EXTRA on shows filming in Atlanta, like being a zombie on THE WALKING DEAD!
  • We'll tell you WHERE you'll find DAILY listings of films/TV shows being shot in and around LA and NY. Simply review the list, map out the address and go! GOOGLE CALENDAR ALERT FEATURE which gives you shows daily location schedules with Show/Production Name, Location Address, Time they will be there. (This is a feature provided from an outside source.  We'll tell you where to get it)!
  • FREE eBook on all things celebrity that includes: autograph-seeking tips, how to be mistaken for one, how to attend star-studded events for FREE, how to crash a Hollywood private party, how to crash a film festival, how to get a celebrity body and more!
  • 20+ Locations of Famous Murder Scenes like The Black Dalia, Nicole Brown Simpson and Sharon Tate.
  • Complete list of STAR hangout locations.
  • Where you can find a list of CELEBRITY BOOK SIGNINGS.
  • Complete list of famous locations and restaurants that are great for "star-gazing!"
  • You see your favorite star in front of you, now what? How do you proceed? How do you get on their good side? How do you get what you want? We tell you!
  • 10+ Tips to meeting your favorite stars. Want a quick and dirty list? Here it is!
  • Where to buy clothing worn by the stars! Would you like to get a skirt worn by Angelina, or perhaps a jacket Brad Pitt wore in his last film? How about shoes worn by your favorite soap star? There's a place in the valley where you can dream big for less! New stock of items added weekly!
  • Little Known CELEBRITY SECRETS about the "Celebrity Hand and Foot Ceremony" at Manns Chinese Theatre! What did Marilyn want to imprint instead of her hands? What did Shirley Temple do to distract the press? Who has the smallest feet?
  • Hollywood and Highland facts and secrets! Discover the story behind this new Hollywood hot spot. Why was it designed the way it was? Who can visit the interior of the auditorium?
  • Hollywood Athletic Club SECRETS! Did you know Hollywood hunks from yesteryear to now frequent this place? Discover the hi jinks that went one!
  • Hollywood Forever Cemetery: Where the STARS live on! Find out where to go to pay your respects to your favorite star that's gone to the big stage in the sky.
  • MALIBU Hot spots! Did you know that Malibu is not only a great spot to surf, but to catch movie productions? We'll tell you where! Also tour Barbra Striesand's former estate or dine with the stars at exclusive restaurants.
  • List of over 600 Celebrity Addresses! Take you pick, find your favorite and drop them a line!
  • Complete List of Star Hangouts! Learn the hot restaurants, clubs and beaches where you can surely find a star or two hanging out.
  • 2 Surefire Tips on Getting Celebrity Unlisted Addresses. Can't find your favorite in our list of 600? Try one of these!
  • Visit The Brady Bunch House, Batcave, Providence, etc! Drive to the location of these famous land marks. Want to see the house used in Halloween?
  • Famous Museums and Memorabilia Shops. Don't visit LA without visiting some of the most interesting locations around!